Dallas Cowboys: Breaking Down What Is Incorrect with Tony Romo

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Dallas Cowboys: Breaking Down What Is Incorrect with Tony Romo


Tony Romo did nearly every little thing appropriate for the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, but, after once again, it was his minor mistakes that value Dallas the game.

On the surface, Romo did practically everything correctly.

He was 25-for-36, threw for 261 yards, tossed two touchdowns and had a 97.1 passer rating. Romo even led his group on an epic 18-play touchdown scoring drive with 4:41 to play, when his team required a score in the worst way.

On the drive, Romo was eleven-of-sixteen for 94 yards, and marched his staff down the field with a poise that&rsquos only displayed by the game&rsquos greats.

Dez Bryant did drop the two-point conversion that would have tied the game, but that was not on Romo.

So, what exactly did Romo do wrong?

The solution isn't specifically cut-and-dry. But, the blunders he manufactured were problems that have recurred during Romo's job, and have cost his crew in the past as they did on Sunday.


It really is no secret that Romo is a high-danger, higher-reward quarterback, but at times his gunslinger mentality has gotten the better of him.

All five of Tony Romo's picks towards the Bears.

By no means was this more evident than in Week four against the Bears when Romo tossed five interceptions, en route to an embarrassing Monday Night Football result.

Nonetheless, Romo was a lot much better against the Ravens.

He was precise for the majority of the contest and restricted himself to only one particular interception https://www.dallascowboysboutique.com/31-Cowboys_Barry_Church_Jersey. But, turnovers are costly items, and the choose he threw ended up becoming a huge issue in the contest https://www.dallascowboysboutique.com/389-Cowboys_Terrance_Williams_Jersey.

With 2:27 remaining in the very first half, the Cowboys were driving and on the Ravens 35-yard line in a 10-10 game. They were only a number of yards out of area-aim selection, and could have snatched a lead from Baltimore just before the two-minute warning.

But, then the gunslinger in Romo showed itself.


The Ravens flushed Romo out of the pocket to the appropriate side, and alternatively of throwing the ball away, Romo heaved the ball across the discipline to Kevin Ogletree, who was running a deep crossing pattern. The throw was a number of inches out of the reach of Ogletree and sailed past him, correct into the hands of the waiting Ravens security George Selvie Jersey.

It was a momentum-swinging perform. The Ravens went on to score on the ensuing drive, and entered the half with a 17-ten lead.

With out the select, Dallas could have extra three points that would have come in handy in a two-point game. And even if the Cowboys chose not to try a discipline purpose, they could have pinned the Ravens deep in their territory with a good punt Morris Claiborne Jersey.

That interception is the sort of perform that has killed Dallas in Romo&rsquos tenure, and the picks have been a large cause for Dallas' lack of playoff good results.

Actually, teams have intercepted Romo in six straight games and have scored on the subsequent drives in every single of individuals contests.

Turnovers choose video games in the NFL and Romo need to discover a way to curb the concern, otherwise Dallas will proceed to come up short in near contests.

Game Management

Almost miraculously, the Cowboys had a 2nd opportunity to win the game after recovering an onside kick and currently being on the good end of a pass interference get in touch with.

The flag place Dallas on the Ravens' 35-yard line, and with 26 seconds left and a timeout, the Cowboys should have had time to run a handful of plays and much better their discipline-goal place.

Even so, in a questionable move, Romo decided to throw a quick slant above the middle to Bryant that went for no gain.

At that point the clock was ticking, and by the time the Cowboys known as a timeout, 15 valuable seconds had drained from the clock.

Some of the blame for this goes to the coaching workers, but the bulk need to be on the shoulders of Romo.

He was the man responsible for getting his staff to the line. He had the energy to adjust the perform contact at the line for his throw to Bryant. He must have been in his teammates' ears ahead of to guarantee they knew how urgent the circumstance was.

However, none of those issues happened.

The seconds ticked off the clock and the Dallas players just loafed to the line. It was on Romo to make sure they had been completely mindful of the scenario, and in this situation they just weren't.

Rob Carr/Getty Photographs

That lack of urgency cost Dallas useful area position, and forced Dan Bailey to attempt a 51-yard discipline aim&mdashwhich would have tied a occupation lengthy.

Romo has to be the leader in these conditions.

As the quarterback, it really is his responsibility to make certain his staff understands the circumstance and is ready for it in the huddle.

They didn't on Sunday and it expense the staff the game https://www.dallascowboysboutique.com/24-Cowboys_Anthony_Spencer_Jersey, and it will continue to if Romo does not make game management a priority.

Undertaking as well significantly

It's hard to fault Romo for this on Sunday.

It didn't happen often. Genuinely, there were only a single or two examples, the most apparent currently being the 2nd-quarter interception.

But, individuals are the sort of plays that have led to the most pointed criticism of Romo throughout his job, and most of it has been justified.