Got the abounding annual of Rocket League achievements

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Got the abounding annual of Rocket League achievements

Those are hardly the alone changes included in the v1.22 application (you may adore trading items with added players or rocket league trading extenuative car customizations that about-face depending on what bloom aggregation you're assigned), but you can see the abounding changelog here.

When the alive agenda was appear for adventure 5 of Central Xbox, Microsoft accepted there would be an Xbox Bold Canyon announcement. While the advertisement possibly wasn't as big as humans were expecting, the aggregation did acknowledge one added bold that would be abutting the affairs immediately: Rocket League. Alongside yesterday's absolution of Bomber Crew and today's absolution of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, this brings the absolute to ten new additions for the ages of July.

Game Administrator Scott Rudi aswell accepted that a new Rocket ID arrangement will anon be implemented into the bold to acquiesce players to affair up with those on PC and Nintendo Switch. There will aswell be improvements to how players akin up to "make it added rewarding", as able-bodied as the advanced appear Rocket Pass.

Finally, Xbox One X enhancements will be accession afterwards this year with an estimated absolution date to be appear in the next few months. We'll be abiding to let you apperceive as anon as we apprehend more.

We've got the abounding annual of Rocket League achievements - analysis the annual for guides to unlocking them.

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