Solid wood flooring next four consumer trends

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Solid wood flooring next four consumer trends


When it comes to the natural environment, any [url=]unique deck designs[/url] material are inferior to solid wood flooring in home decoration more fashion background, let us look at the future consumption trend of solid wood flooring.

First, environmental protection is never ending fashion due to the natural characteristics of the wood itself, wood floors can be said to "substantially" does not contain harmful substances, and the only problem is that its surface paint problems, the future of solid wood flooring finishes will be painted to oiled direction. Currently, most solid wood flooring using PU and UV paint, paint the two are considered chemical synthesis, but also with a small amount of harmful substances. The future, as an alternative to traditional paints, extracted from plant body natural wood wax will be widely applied to the wood floor. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of wood raw material and respect for nature, a number of consumers would like scarring, color wood, Poles and other natural defects of the floor gradually relaxed the requirements, some natural defects of wood floors but because of these natural attributes The favored.

Second, light wood floors beyond the dark [url=]free deck plans lowes[/url] become mainstream both modern and minimalist, rustic or natural, modern home improvement, with the possibility of light-colored wood floors have been richer and more casual. Light gives a bright, warm, peaceful feeling, it represents a distance no transparent open-minded, easy to break the dull atmosphere of the home, giving a harmonious beauty. Light-colored wood floor is considered to be a more healthy color, light-colored wood flooring wood texture clearly visible, so the light-colored wood floors of good quality difference is difficult to adulteration. With further public understanding of cultural living, reflected light will be more urban people to pursue quality of life, return to nature original ideal. In Europe, as the representative of light oak wood flooring is always closely related to fashion.

Third, personalized wood flooring popular "style" has become the determining factor of solid wood flooring consumption. With the further development of manufacturing technology floor and mature, solid wood flooring will no longer have a problem in quality, so that people will be able to boldly follow their own personality and preferences to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring rather than comparing the current consumption with the public phenomenon widespread. Therefore, to ensure a stable solid wood flooring functionality, based on the perception of the floor will be more and more attention, style and decoration effect will become the focus of consumer concern. A new generation has grown up young owners clearly do not like the monotony of consumer choice, greater emphasis on their distinctive choice and value reflected. Then, with antique wood flooring, embossed wood floors, wood floors by hand, represented by a personalized wood floor will be favored, and some assembly, parquet, wood flooring craft fight party will truly recover.

Fourth, more emphasis on [url=]Wpc Fence Panels Suppliers[/url] brand image next few years, who spare no effort in branding wood floor will discuss big heart. Solid wood floor in the homogenization serious period, consumers will pay more attention to the brand to bring their own feelings. This feeling is not very large scale enterprises, nor is the brand ultra-high popularity, but a rich and genuine cultural connotation of the brand and product A richer charisma of psychological experience. So, a good brand must contain many complex outstanding elements, but when it touched the hearts must be very simple and pure, which was born in the publicity and word of mouth marketing force, and more humane brand image will undoubtedly be the next round of manufacture solid wood flooring popular culture.